Advantages of the Vortex Electronic Cooler

A variety of equipment can be saved in enclosures or cabinets. This equipment requires cooling systems to be able to work efficiently. With various cutting edge technologies from Pelmar Engineering, there is a myriad of solutions that exist to assist with cooling solutions. However, today’s compact and small, multi-function electronic controls, programmable logic controllers, and unstable speed drives are highly sensitive to contamination and heat. Excessive heat causes controls to drift, breakers to topple below their rated loads, components to “cook,” and digital displays to misread. This results in line shutdowns or lost productivity from the machine. The most important aspect lies in the design as well as engineering of the cooling devices, including the ability to perform its tasks competently. A vortex cabinet cooler is one of the solutions that will enable cabinet cooling systems to perform efficiently.

Advantages of the Vortex Cooler

The vortex cooler is among the most popular cabinet air conditioners. It is an affordable, easy to install, and low maintenance option for thermal management of control panels and electrical cabinets. These coolers use the vortex tube technology and filtered compressed air to provide cooling capacities of up to 5000 BTUH. No moving parts are involved, so there will be no need for occasional replacement. Also, no maintenance is required!

For the environmentalists, this cabinet cooler can be manufactured using stainless-steel or even an anti-corrosive coating which offers protection to the device and removes the need for constant maintenance.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing a cabinet cooler. The first consideration is the size of the equipment and its intended purpose. A vortex electronic cooler is efficient! Its robust nature gives it the ability to withstand a series of temperatures.

Vortex Air Conditioner Efficiency

As earlier mentioned, the vortex enclosure cooler uses a vortex tube to transform compressed air into two streams of air, one cold and another one hot. The cold air is released into the enclosure, while the hot air is emitted into the atmosphere. Also, the hot air inside the enclosure is discharged outside through the relief pipe on the vortex cooler. The relief pipe and seal on the vortex cooler are responsible for maintaining the sealed characteristic of the NEMA.

The only air allowed into the cabinet is sifted before entering the vortex cooler. These coolers maintain about 6” W.C. of positive pressure in the control cabinet.


When utilized in an appropriate manner, the vortex cooler improves the efficiency of the equipment or device. It transforms factory compressed air into purified, cooled air without the need for electricity or refrigerant. What’s more, this type of cabinet air conditioner can be customized to meet the requirements of the user. For more information and resources, visit the Pelmar Engineering website.

Image Credit: Vortex Tube

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