6 Door Lock Problems That Should Never Be Ignored

The door to your home is one of the first barriers and lines of defense that you have against burglars and other threats. While a door and a door lock can work well for decades, there are situations in which a door lock could suddenly stop working as well as it should. There are several door lock or key issues that need to be taken seriously when they arise.

1. Missing Key

Missing Key

One of the most serious situations that can arise with a door lock is if you are missing a key. It is always a good idea to have extra copies of your home keys on hand. All the people in your home should have one accessible on a keychain, and you should also have others available for emergencies. However, you need to keep your eye on them. If you notice that one is missing, it could be a sign of a problem. In these situations, having the door re-keyed could be a great option.

2. Family Member Doesn’t Have a Key

Another lock and key situation that you need to respond to is if a family member does not have a key. If someone in your family does not have a key to your home, they will not be able to lock all of the doors. This can make your home more susceptible to burglaries and other threats. Because of this, you need to make sure that all people in your household have a current copy of the key.

3. Key Broken in Lock

Key Broken in Lock

One very frustrating problem that can arise with doors and locks is if a key is broken in your lock. When a key is broken and half in the lock, you may be able to pull it out with the help of some WD-40 and pliers. However, you may also need to call professional lockup services in more significant situations.

4. Jammed Locks

Jammed Locks

Another issue that can be problematic is if the locks on your door are jammed. A jammed door lock can arise for a variety of reasons including the accumulation of debris in the lock. You can often clean the locks out yourself with air cleaner or by using a professional lock lubricant.

5. Loose Handle or Hardware

Loose Handle or Hardware

After years of use, there is a chance that the door handle and any locks will begin to break down a bit. Over time, this will cause the locks to loosen. If you notice that this is happening, you should have them tightened as soon as possible. In some cases, this can be done very quickly with the help of a screwdriver or drill.

6. Lock Doesn’t Stay Locked

The most serious lock issue you can have occurs when the lock is not working the right way. A lock on your door should be able to keep your whole home secure. If the lock suddenly is not working the right way, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. If it is easy to open a lock without a key, you should have the lock replaced by a professional. This will ensure that your home stays secure.

6 Reasons to Install Wood Flooring in Your Hunting Cabin

If you have a hunting cabin, then there are six reasons to install high-quality Fuse Flooring wood planks or tiles on the floors of the building.

Reason 1: Create an Authentic Hunting Cabin Ambience


When you want to have a traditional hunting cabin, you will want to have wood floors. Hunting cabins are often built to look like a pioneer cabin, and these structures had old-fashioned wood floors made from long wooden planks. You can also choose rugged-looking wood materials for your hunting cabin so that you will feel as though you are living in the pioneer days.

Reason 2: Easy To Install On Cement Underlying Surfaces

 Easy To Install

Wood tiles or planks are easy to install on cement floors. You can buy boxes of wood planks or tiles to install the items on your own on a weekend by using the proper cutting tools and adhesives. It is also possible to install insulating layers on the cement before placing the wood planks or tiles on top of the material. This is a fun do-it-yourself project that you can complete during one weekend at your hunting cabin in the woods.

Reason 3: Match the Other Decorative Elements In the Hunting Cabin

hunting cabin
Credits: Flickr/ Joe Ross

Your hunting cabin will probably have other wood elements, and you can shop at a store that sells Fuse Flooring to find planks or tiles that match the building’s walls, cabinets or fireplace mantel. Request sample charts of the different types of wood so that you can buy the best color and grain for your hunting cabin in the mountains or woods.

Reason 4: Wood Floors Are Durable Surfaces


If you are looking for a durable type of flooring for a hunting cabin, then wood materials can last for many years. There are old pioneer cabins that still have the original wood floors because with the right care, the tiles and planks will remain in good condition. Make sure to apply a coat of wax to the wood floors so that the materials won’t absorb the moisture from your dripping hunting boots and clothing.

Reason 5: Wood Floors Don’t Absorb Dust

Wood Floors Don’t Absorb Dust

When your hunting cabin is empty for several weeks or months, you won’t want to spend too much time cleaning it. If you have carpets instead of wood floors, then the fibers will absorb dust from the air, leading to a filthy surface that requires extensive vacuuming or shampooing. However, wood floors are easy to clean with a dust mop so that you can begin to use your hunting cabin right away.

Reason 6: It Is Inexpensive To Buy and Install Wood Floors

wood shack

Fuse Flooring has affordable wood tiles and planks that are appropriate for a hunting cabin. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to build or remodel a hunting cabin, then wood floors are the perfect choice. When you want to save more money, look for wood materials that are left over from the previous season so that you can enjoy deeper discounts.

5 of the Most Common Items Used to Transport Temperature Sensitive Products

Temperature sensitive products have to be given extra quality control using leak detection equipment for packaging integrity and durability, guarantee temperature consistency and provide a way to maintain this temperature during shipping. Below are five of the most common items used to keep an even, acceptable temperature of products during the shipping process.


Quilts are an insulated item that can protect temperature sensitive products from extreme heat and cold. Once placed over the items being shipped, it will help regulate the temperature until reaching a short-haul destination. These are perfect when there is not a long distance to worry about. There are manufacturers of packages that can create the ultimate product protection from temperature variances during shipping. It saves money in having to use other types of more expensive refrigeration equipment.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is a solid block of carbon dioxide. It stays at an average -80 degrees Celsius, which is cold enough to maintain refrigeration for long-distance travel by semi, box truck. or airplane. It does not melt like traditional ice. It vaporizes slowly when coming into contact with air. maintaining the integrity of the dry ice requires keeping it sealed.

Gel Packs

Gel packs are frozen and placed over, under and around items that need to stay cold. The gel will eventually melt, but retain the cold temperature within the pack. This is the perfect refrigeration solution for items like pharmaceuticals that have to be maintained at the chill temperature of 2 degrees Celcius. They can be used frozen, or simply refrigerated to a specific temperature. Either way, the results are normally great and get products to their destination at safe and desired temperatures.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is considered a hazardous material when it comes to use in shipping and has to carry the needed documents and vehicle placards. It stays at an average temperature of -196 degrees Celcius. The cold temperatures allow for long preservation of foods and bio-medical products that need to stay in a solid frozen state. One prime example for use is the transport of tissues for medical use. Without staying in a constant frozen state, degradation happens and they would not be viable at the end of the shipping process.


A reefer is a large refrigerator unit that is capable of keeping a large, rolling containment unit cool. Many semi trailers use this type of cooling equipment to transport meats, produce and other perishable items to warehouses, stores and markets. They normally have a separate fuel system from the vehicle used to pull the trailer. As long as their is plenty of fuel, the unit will run non-stop until it reaches the destination of choice.

Contact product packaging experts today and create a design that will help protect temperature sensitive items during the shipping process. If you would like to learn more, visit FlexPak.

Advantages of the Vortex Electronic Cooler

A variety of equipment can be saved in enclosures or cabinets. This equipment requires cooling systems to be able to work efficiently. With various cutting edge technologies from Pelmar Engineering, there is a myriad of solutions that exist to assist with cooling solutions. However, today’s compact and small, multi-function electronic controls, programmable logic controllers, and unstable speed drives are highly sensitive to contamination and heat. Excessive heat causes controls to drift, breakers to topple below their rated loads, components to “cook,” and digital displays to misread. This results in line shutdowns or lost productivity from the machine. The most important aspect lies in the design as well as engineering of the cooling devices, including the ability to perform its tasks competently. A vortex cabinet cooler is one of the solutions that will enable cabinet cooling systems to perform efficiently.

Advantages of the Vortex Cooler

The vortex cooler is among the most popular cabinet air conditioners. It is an affordable, easy to install, and low maintenance option for thermal management of control panels and electrical cabinets. These coolers use the vortex tube technology and filtered compressed air to provide cooling capacities of up to 5000 BTUH. No moving parts are involved, so there will be no need for occasional replacement. Also, no maintenance is required!

For the environmentalists, this cabinet cooler can be manufactured using stainless-steel or even an anti-corrosive coating which offers protection to the device and removes the need for constant maintenance.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing a cabinet cooler. The first consideration is the size of the equipment and its intended purpose. A vortex electronic cooler is efficient! Its robust nature gives it the ability to withstand a series of temperatures.

Vortex Air Conditioner Efficiency

As earlier mentioned, the vortex enclosure cooler uses a vortex tube to transform compressed air into two streams of air, one cold and another one hot. The cold air is released into the enclosure, while the hot air is emitted into the atmosphere. Also, the hot air inside the enclosure is discharged outside through the relief pipe on the vortex cooler. The relief pipe and seal on the vortex cooler are responsible for maintaining the sealed characteristic of the NEMA.

The only air allowed into the cabinet is sifted before entering the vortex cooler. These coolers maintain about 6” W.C. of positive pressure in the control cabinet.


When utilized in an appropriate manner, the vortex cooler improves the efficiency of the equipment or device. It transforms factory compressed air into purified, cooled air without the need for electricity or refrigerant. What’s more, this type of cabinet air conditioner can be customized to meet the requirements of the user. For more information and resources, visit the Pelmar Engineering website.

Image Credit: Vortex Tube